Films, Videos, Books

These are some of the books we’ve read that have helped us understand the history of residential schools:

Speaking My Truth: Reflections on Reconciliation and Residential School, selected by Shelagh Rogers, Mike DeGagne, and Jonathan Dewar

Half-Breed, by Maria Campbell

A National Crime: the Canadian Government and the Residential School System, 1879 to 1986, by John S. Milloy

Where the Pavement Ends, By Marie Wadden

Midnight Sweatlodge, by Waubgeshig Rice

Dancing with a Ghost: Exploring Aboriginal Reality, by Rupert Ross

Sugar Falls: A Residential School Story, by David Alexander Robertson

Broken Circle: The dark legacy of Indian Residential Schools: A Memoir, by Theodore Fontaine

Films and Videos:

8th Fire, CBC Television

Aboriginal Peoples Channel at the National Film Board:

Muffins for Granny, produced/directed by Nadia McLaren

North Boys: The Story of Jimmy and Charlie, produced by Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, Laura Cabott

Youtube video of Garnet receiving the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal –

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