Garnet’s message

Ah-neen, Boo-zhoo all my Relations!

Friends… As though you were entering into my home, I greet and honour all who visit this website.

Let us honour all former students of the Indian Residential Schools system – the survivors – the heroes. Let us especially remember those heroes who are not with us today – for the many survivors who never got to be part of the healing and reconciliation movement.

There are thousands upon thousands of stories of the Indian Residential School experience. My story is just one of so many. I wish to share a little bit of my story; some of the struggles and significant milestones of a challenging yet, necessary healing journey.

For those of you who are survivors or descendants of survivors, your struggles are my struggles – you know what I am talking about.

To those who visit this website, please be assured that I am not here to point a finger of blame, nor to make anyone feel shame or guilt. Rather, I am here to create awareness by speaking my truth. Through truth, we will understand. Through understanding, we will embark upon a path of healing, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Through hope there is healing. Through healing there is restoration. Through restoration there is forgiveness. Through forgiveness there is peace.