We know Garnet’s story is not unique. What happened to him happened to many Aboriginal children in government-funded, church-run residential schools. It happened across the country in about 130 schools, over the span of more than 100 years. And it happened in the context of colonization that was taking place all over what is now South, Central, and North America. While we were working on our book, we researched a lot about how colonization led to residential schools. Some of that historical context is important as a backdrop to Garnet’s personal story, such as:

  • Significant historical world events.
  • The policy that led to the creation of residential schools.
  • A list of the schools and the churches that ran them.
  • An introduction to treaties and land claims, past and present.

GLOSSARY A guide to definitions and terms intended to help in understanding historical and contemporary concepts surrounding the IRS system.

2 thoughts on “History/Context

  1. Thank you Garnet for sharing with us, I especially thank you for sharing for all those that can not share their stories for various reasons. Meegwetch! Desta

  2. we have my friend a common goal you and I that is to raise awareness about the schools and far reaching impacts to the First Nations of Canada, as for me I have done numerous lectures about my ten years 0of experience at Lejac Indian Residential School near Fraser Lake BC.

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